Maintaining mission and ensuring a high quality hospital is available within the community is central to the decision-making process for Nanticoke Health Services’ Board of Directors and Leadership Team.

Rural health organizations, such as Nanticoke, commonly work with partner organizations to close gaps in care and gain access to necessary resources. These partnerships help ensure the best possible care continues to be available for our community, long into the future.

Nanticoke has chosen to affiliate with Peninsula Regional Health System (PRHS) to continue the delivery of quality care and enhance medical services for the residents of Sussex County. While details of this affiliation will take time to work through, we want to keep you updated as we can.

As a member of our community, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more about what’s happening. If you have any questions about this document, please call us at 302-629-6611, ext. 8950.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does this decision mean?
    The Nanticoke Health Services Board of Directors has voted to enter into negotiations to affiliate or partner with Peninsula Regional Health System (Peninsula Regional). Details on the structure and organization of this partnership will be worked out as we move forward. We look forward to discussions on how this partnership will benefit both organizations, our employees, medical staffs and the people of Sussex County.
  • Why pursue a partnership?
    Healthcare is changing rapidly. Independent hospitals like Nanticoke must continue to adopt new models of care that can continue to deliver quality outcomes and patient experiences, while increasing efficiencies and reducing cost. Across the U.S., there has been a significant increase in hospital partnerships, mergers and affiliations. Our priority is to continue to provide the primary and specialty care providers, programs and services, care coordination, and community health programs to support and promote the health and well-being of our community. As part of our prior strategic planning process, we acknowledged the changing world of healthcare and the possibility of a future affiliation.
  • Will this affiliation be beneficial for Seaford and Sussex County?
    Nanticoke has taken important steps to ensure we will continue to be a strong, locally-focused comprehensive care system dedicated to providing the best possible care we can for the community we serve. We are in a position of strength and planning to grow. This partnership will have a positive impact on the Seaford and western Sussex economy. We do not expect any changes in the care our medical staff provides to patients. We expect that Sussex County community physicians will continue to operate their practices as they always have. Nanticoke is not being sold, but rather intently exploring a partnership or affiliation that would join the Nanticoke team with the Peninsula Regional team, under the Peninsula Regional Health System umbrella.
  • What opportunities could come from this partnership?
    We are at the very beginning of the process to join our two organizations. In seeking a partnership with Peninsula Regional, we see an opportunity to work together to build on our individual strengths and explore new ways to deliver the highest quality health care to residents in our communities.
  • How will the transition be structured?
    Both the Nanticoke and Peninsula Regional boards have approved moving forward with negotiating this partnership. Our priority remains focused on continuing to provide exceptional care for our patients by our physicians, staff and volunteers. It is business as usual and we will continue to make operational and business decisions that are consistent with our organizational values.
  • Why Peninsula Regional Health System?
    Over the past 11 months, the Nanticoke Board and Management Team have been engaged in the process of evaluating a number of local, regional, and national potential partners to make the decision to affiliate or not. The board evaluated for potential profit and not-for-profit partners in terms of alignment with Nanticoke’s mission, vision, and values; strategic focus, culture and direction.Peninsula Regional Health System is one of the largest and most experienced health care providers in the region, and its subsidiary, Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC), located in Salisbury, offers the widest array of specialty and subspecialty services on the Delmarva Peninsula. PRMC has 288 licensed beds and its 3,300 physicians, staff and volunteers provide safe, compassionate and affordable care designed to exceed the expectations of the nearly 500,000 patients who rely on them each year. It also infuses nearly $400 million annually into the regional economy, and is the recipient of over 125 national awards, recognitions and certifications in the past half-decade for the care it offers patients and the outcomes they experience. They offer a full range of services, including neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, joint replacement, emergency/trauma care, wound care and comprehensive cancer care, and provide community health services through a network of family medicine and specialty care offices across Delmarva, including a health pavilion located in Millsboro, DE.Most importantly, Peninsula Regional’s mission and vision for healthcare in our region is a match to Nanticoke’s. They also have a similar commitment to their team and their community. Together, they want to partner with Nanticoke to build a stronger, more accessible health care system for all of our patients – in Maryland and in Delaware.
  • What’s next?
    The decision by the Nanticoke board to sign a Letter of Intent to partner with Peninsula Regional is the first step in our partnership. We will be working closely over the next few months on a definitive agreement and to obtain the necessary approvals from state and federal regulators.
  • One more thing…
    We would like to thank our employees, physicians and volunteers for their hard work and dedication, which make Nanticoke such a special place to work. The Peninsula Regional Health System partnership is an exciting time for our organization and should be seen as a positive reflection on the great work of teams of talented and caring health professionals.