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This Year’s Entries ~ Voting ~ October Awareness Events ~ Schedule Your Mammogram!

What is “Bling the Bra”? Bling the Bra is a fundraising contest that promotes breast cancer awareness and raise funds for women’s health. During October, “blinged-out” bra entries are displayed in the hallway next to the ER in the hospital. Entries are submitted by Nanticoke Health Services employees, physicians, volunteers, clinical students and local businesses.

This contest benefits the Nanticoke Breast Cancer Fund which helps pay for mammography screenings for women in Western Sussex County who are uninsured, underinsured, or unable to meet co-payment requirements.

This Year’s Entries & Voting

Voting for 2018 is NOW OPEN and will close November 2 at 4:00 pm.

During the voting period, everyone is encouraged to vote for their favorite entries with monetary donations either in the box by their favorite entry or online. (Note: Checks must be made out to Nanticoke Health Services; online votes are $1.00 per vote and are processed through PayPal.)

The top three entries to raise the most donations will be announced at an awards ceremony on Tuesday, November 6 at 3:30 pm.

This Year’s Entries:

Be Brave – Get a Mammogram
Submitted by Rebekah Shirey of Materials Management in memory of her aunt Dorothy, aunt Sharon, and Mom-Mom Birney.

Cancer is For the Birds!
Submitted by Nanticoke’s Laboratory staff.

Don’t Be a Gambler!
Submitted by Nanticoke’s Outpatient Treatment Center/DSU staff.

Don’t “PAC” it in – save the “Boo”bies!
Submitted by Nanticoke’s MSU staff.

Give Cancer the Boot
Submitted by Nanticoke’s Cancer Care staff.

Hope Chest
Submitted by Nanticoke’s Case Management Department in honor of all survivors.

Kickin’ Cancer in the Kitchen, One Meal at a Time
Submitted by Marva “Cookie” Markman of the ICU Department in memory of her mom.

Mears Mammo is Betting Against Breast Cancer
Submitted by Nanticoke’s Mammography Department at Mears.

Please Squeeze
Submitted by Nanticoke Volunteer Services in honor of all fighting cancer.

Save Second Base
Submitted by Nanticoke’s Respiratory Therapy Department in honor of all who are affected by breast cancer.

Scaring Away Cancer!
Submitted by Nanticoke’s HIM/Medical Records Department.

Sniff Out Cancer
Submitted by Nanticoke’s Quality Department.

Thing 1, Thing 2
Submitted by Nanticoke’s Radiology Department
in honor of Thelma Meddings and Barbara Wheeler.

Breast Cancer Awareness Events

During the month of October, Nanticoke Health Services hosts several activities to promote breast cancer awareness including Bling the Bra. Download our full calendar of events below:

For more information on any of the events on our calendar, call 302-536-5386.

Don’t forget to wear pink on Fridays in October!

Schedule Your Mammogram!

Nanticoke Cancer Care Services and the Mammography team at Nanticoke would like to remind you that the first sign of breast cancer usually shows up on a woman’s mammogram before it can be felt or any other symptoms are present. Nanticoke offers 3D mammography which provides increased accuracy and leads to fewer callbacks.

Please remember to schedule your mammogram and remind all women in your life to get theirs as well!