Employee Giving FAQs

Why does Nanticoke Health Services need my support?

NHS requires support from the community both with large and small gifts to ensure that the health system has the latest modern medical technology and equipment essential to Nanticoke  providing quality care to patients. Charitable giving is critical to the ability of any medical center to enhance healthcare and services for its patients. We believe charitable giving is more important today than ever before, as our community grows and ages, and Nanticoke Health Services continues to be urgently needed.

What is the Nanticoke Employee Giving Campaign?

The NHS Employee Giving Campaign is a fundraising campaign that provides every NHS employee the opportunity to give back. Through The Campaign for Nanticoke all NHS employees are asked to contribute, where 100% of proceeds benefits NHS. While many employees choose to financially support Nanticoke on an ongoing bases, a capital campaign is the only time employees are directly asked.

I already give so much, why should I contribute financially? While the sacrifices you make for Nanticoke Health Services are beyond measure, making a voluntary philanthropic contribution is another way to strengthen the health system, ensuring excellent care for future patients. It also shows our community we believe in what we do.

How can I make a donation?

Payroll deduction provides the easiest way to contribute to the Employee Giving. You may also make a one-time gift with a check or credit card.

What is the deadline for making a gift? You can contribute anytime!

Where does my donation go? 100% of all proceeds will support NHS. This campaign’s gifts are especially crucial as they will aid in providing advanced technology, medical equipment and program support for the Emergency Room renovation project and construction of a new Clinical Decision Unit. As NHS continues to grow, philanthropy will play an important role in advancing NHS’s mission to provide exceptional care to the community. Over the years ahead, the Employee Giving Campaign will support programs and capital needs throughout the entire health system.

When does the payroll deduction for this Campaign begin and end? Payroll deduction for your gift will begin with the July 31, 2015 paycheck.  Payroll deduction will end based on the terms you list on your pledge form.

Is my donation tax deductibleYes, 100% of money donated is tax deductible.

Does my giving have any influence on my performance review? No. Giving has no influence on any performance evaluation.

How will my donation be recognized? Employees will receive an acknowledgment letter and tax receipt for their donation and a special pin recognizing you as a donor. Gifts of $1,000 or more in a calendar year become members of the Nanticoke Society.

Can I make an anonymous donation? Yes, please specify on your donation form that you want your gift to be listed anonymously. We would still like to have your contact information so we can thank you, but your name will not be shared publicly.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my gift or the campaign? Please call Renee’ S. Morris, Executive Director at the Nanticoke Health Services Foundation at 302-536-5390 or MorrisR@nanticoke.org.