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Pictured L-R: Penny Short, BSN, RN, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Nursing Officer; Steven Rose, MN, RN, President & CEO; Stephanie Benton, RRT, Charge Therapist; Lisa Miller, RRT, Director of Respiratory & Neurology Services; Lori Lee, BSN, RN, Vice President of Nursing

Nanticoke Health Services is pleased to announce that Stephanie Benton, RRT, has been named Employee of the Month for June 2019.

Stephanie was born at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital and has been a lifelong resident of Sussex County. She began her career at Nanticoke in November 2008 as a Certified Respiratory Therapist. In 2011, she passed her examination and became a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) and was promoted to Charge Therapist shortly after. During her career, Stephanie has worked exclusively on the evening shift, stating she enjoys the comradery of her night shift team mates.

The first thing people notice about Stephanie is her big, bright smile. There is never a shift when she doesn’t come through the door ready to care for her patients with an upbeat attitude. Stephanie is very kind-hearted and firmly believes each person should be treated with the same dignity and respect you would expect to receive yourself or for your family. She is a strong patient advocate and receives compliments for going above and beyond to ensure each patient receives exceptional care.

In her role as Charge Therapist, Stephanie is a strong, yet compassionate leader. She is well-respected by her team members who know they can rely on her to guide and be there for them in times of need. She is both friend and role model, which makes her a valuable asset to both the Respiratory Care Department and Nanticoke.

Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her 3 children, her husband and her family. Family is important to Stephanie and upon receiving her award, she said “I can’t wait to show my Daddy” and remarked she was sure her mother was smiling down from Heaven. The Eagles are a family affair at her house and she is an avid fisherman, which helps her relax after stressful shifts.

Nanticoke appreciates all of Stephanie’s hard work and dedication. Please join us in congratulating her as our June Employee of the Month!

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