Always Caring. Always Here.


Dallas Coleman from Laurel, Delaware created the ministry of “Fearless Care Packages” to share God’s love to those undergoing difficult health situations.  Dallas underwent a life-altering surgery and was extremely grateful for all the support she received.   It was during this time that Dallas realized that some people are similarly facing health situations but may not have support, so she began “Fearless Care Packages”.

“Fearless Care Packages” include a gift bag with a message of hope along with some small personal items for the patient.  Dallas initially started sending the packages to individuals whose situations tugged at her heartstrings, and then she thought about the patients locally at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital who also may be going through difficult situation without the support of nearby family or friends. Dallas is hoping that each of the recipients will feel love and support while healing.

Nanticoke would like to thank Dallas for volunteering her time and resources for the patients in our community. To learn more about volunteering at Nanticoke visit,

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