The Foundation Board

The Foundation Board is a sub-group of the the Nanticoke Health Services (NHS) parent board. Foundation Board members include representatives from both the NHS’ parent board as well as community members. The Foundation Board reports directly to NHS’ parent board and is directly responsible for the oversight of the Nanticoke Health Services Foundation activities including distribution of restricted and unrestricted funds. The Foundation Board also provides oversight for Community Benefit activities.

Nanticoke Health Services Foundation Leadership


Kent Peterson, Past Chair
Kent Peterson, Past Chair
Nanticoke Health Services
Board of Directors
Michele Procino-Wells, Esq. Chairperson, Foundation Board of Directors
Michele Procino-Wells, Esq, Chair
Nanticoke Health Services Foundation
Board of Directors
Steve Rose, RN, MN
Nanticoke Health Services
President & CEO
Renee' Morris Foundation Executive Director
Renee’ Morris
Nanticoke Health Services Foundation
Executive Director


Nanticoke Health Services Foundation Board

  • Robert Boyd
  • Nancy Cook-Marsh
  • Edward Hannigan
  • Donald Hollenbeck
  • William Hubbard
  • Maria Lehman
  • Rex Mears
  • Kent Peterson, NHS Parent Board Chair
  • Michele Procino-Wells, Chair
  • George Sapna
  • Melinda Tingle