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Employee Wellness Discount

Take Control of Your Health!

At Nanticoke we continue to strive to build a wellness program where the health and well-being of our team is integrated into our everyday lives. That is why we began the wellness program – Commit to be Fit – a few years ago. As we continue to grow, we are always looking for ways to improve the program. For the benefit year that began July 1, 2016 Nanticoke is offering a $750 Wellness Discount. To make it easier to take advantage of this great discount, we have made a few changes to the program including:

  • Partnering with Strategic Health Services, replacing BHS Online.
  • Hiring a care coordinator dedicated to the health needs of Nanticoke employees and families.
  • SIMPLIFYING the process to help you take advantage of the $750 annual Wellness Discount. Below is an easy check list to use and some Frequently Asked Questions with answers that may help as you get started.  The Wellness Discount of about  $28.84 per pay began for everyone on Nanticoke’s health insurance in July. To continue to receive this discount, you and your dependents 18 years and older must complete the process below by August 31, 2016.

I know that taking care of yourself is sometimes the last thing on the list but it is important you take control of your health. You are important to our family and to all those in the community your care for each day. I am personally looking forward to a healthier tomorrow for us all!

If you have any questions about the Commit to be Fit program or the annual wellness discount, call Lady Johnson, Benefits Specialist, at x2411.


Steve Rose, RN, MN, President/CEO


To receive the Wellness Discount employees and their adult dependents have a few things to do. The step-by-step check list is below. While the list is short, it may take a little time to complete these. Be sure to get started right away!

  • WHO IS ELIGIBLE? All employees participating in Nanticoke’s health insurance plan are already enrolled.
  • WHAT DOES IT MEAN I’M ALREADY ENROLLED? To get started, we have automatically enrolled everyone on our health plan. This means you will see the wellness discount of about $28.84 in your July paycheck. To remain enrolled and continue to receive the discount you and your adult dependents must complete the items on the list below by the deadline.
  • WHEN DO I DO THIS? Start NOW! ALL STEPS MUST BE COMPLETED BY AUGUST 31st. If you or your adult dependents do not complete the steps by August 31st, the discount stops.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this deadline.  So start now!




Set up your Wellness Portal account. Online NOW! Go to:
Complete your Health Risk Assessment. Online NOW! Go to:
Set up your Wellness Appointment with your Primary Care Provider or have your Biometric Form completed. COMPLETE BY 8/31/16. Call your provider NOW! Your provider will complete the Biometric Form and provide the lab order for your blood work. See FAQs below if you have recently visited your primary care provider. We recommend you do this by 8/19/16 to leave time to complete you blood work by the deadline. Print this form to take with you to your appointment: BIOMETRIC FORM.Click Providers Accepting Patients for a list in our area. Call your provider as soon as you can. If you wait, you may find appointments are more difficult to schedule. If you do not have a primary care provider it often takes longer to schedule an appointment.
Complete your Blood Work Complete by 8/31/16. If you or your dependent use one of Nanticoke’s outpatient lab locations, you do not need to worry. Your lab results will be sent to Employee Health. If you or your dependent use another lab, you will need to submit the lab results along with the Biometric Form to Employee Health. Give yourself plenty of time to do this.REMINDER: If you had your blood work done at any outside lab (ex. LabCorp), you must request a copy and submit it to Employee Health before the deadline. Go to any Nanticoke outpatient lab. (Click link to see list of locations below.)12-Hour Fasting May Be Required – check with your provider. If in doubt, FAST.
Biometric Form to Employee Health Due 8/31/16.See notes on the lab work results above. Deliver to Employee Health by 8/31/16.


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Other Frequently Asked Questions:


  • WHAT DOES IT MEAN I’M ALREADY ENROLLED? Beginning with your first pay period in July every employee on the Nanticoke Health Insurance Plan began receiving about a $28.84 discount on their health insurance each pay period. This represents the wellness discount you receive for being enrolled. To continue receiving these savings, you and your dependents 18 years and older must complete all items on the list above by August 31, 2016. If you and your adult dependents do not meet the August 31 deadline, the discount will stop – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • HOW DOES PARTICIPATING WITH THE WELLNESS DISCOUNT HELP ME? Start with the discount. It adds up to a $750 savings for the year. Participation also includes support from a care coordinator dedicated to our employees and their families. Working like a care coordinator in the physician offices, she will help remove barriers and connect you with needed health resources.
  • HOW DO I USE THE WELLNESS PORTAL? You need to set up your account in the Wellness Portal ( in order to take your Health Risk Assessment (HRA) survey. The first time an employee logs into the portal, you will use your employee ID number and your date of birth.  For dependents, the first time you log into the portal, you will use the employee ID number and the last four digits of your SSN.  Once your account is setup, you will take the HRA online. This takes about 10 to 15 minutes. When your results from your HRA, primary care provider visit, and your blood work are received, it will be loaded to your portal. You will then receive an email notification that your risk score and Personal Health Profile are available. To see all this information, log into the portal and click on “My Screening Results.” If you need help with the portal, call Lady Johnson at x2411 or email
  • I JUST VISITED MY PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER. DO I HAVE TO GO AGAIN? If you or your adults dependents have seen your primary care provider since September 1, 2015 you may not need to schedule a visit. However, you do need to call your provider and have him or her complete the Biometric Form for you. This form needs to be delivered to Employee Health by August 31, 2016. You will also need to get an order from you primary care provider for your blood work.
  • WHAT IS THE BIOMETRIC FORM? Your provider will record your blood pressure, height and weight. Your height and weight will measure your Body Mass Index (BMI). Having a cholesterol level and/or a high BMI are risk factors for a number of health conditions. By taking control of these things, you can reduce your risk for things such as heart disease and diabetes. You can download and print your form here or pick up a copy outside of Human Resources.
  • I JUST HAD MY BLOOD WORK DONE. DO I NEED TO DO IT AGAIN? If you have had blood work done since September 1, 2015 you may not need to have it repeated. You can provide Employee Health with an official copy of the results. For lab tests done at Nanticoke or one of our EZ Lab locations, you can request a copy from Medical Records or download a copy from Nanticoke’s Patient Portal. If you had blood work done elsewhere, you will need to call that location to find out its procedures for receiving copies of your records. Blood work needed includes testing for cholesterol and blood sugar.
  • I AM GETTING MY LAB WORK DONE SOON.  WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW?  You can get your lab work completed at any Nanticoke outpatient lab location – at the hospital or one of the Health Pavilions in Seaford, Laurel or Georgetown.  If you or your dependent have your lab work completed at a Nanticoke lab, you don’t need to worry – your lab results will be sent directly to Employee Health.  If you or your dependent have lab work done at a different lab location, you will need to submit a copy of the lab results with the Biometric Form by August 31.  You can hand deliver the information to Employee Health (located in the ER) or you can scan and email them to
    REMINDER: If you had your blood work done at any outside lab (ex. LabCorp), you must request a copy and submit it to Employee Health before the deadline.
  • DO I HAVE TO FAST FOR MY BLOOD WORK? Whether or not you need to fast before your blood work is up to your primary care provider. Some providers prefer it some do not. If you can not reach your provider before having your blood work done and you are unsure, fast for 12 hours before you go.
  • I DO NOT HAVE A PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER. WHAT DO I DO? Check the Providers Accepting Patients Guide or call 1-877-NHS-4DOCS for a list of providers accepting new patients. Please note this line is answered Monday through Friday. If you call on the weekend, leave a message and someone will return your call.
  • MY PROVIDER CANNOT MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH ME BEFORE AUGUST 31ST. WHAT DO I DO? The closer to August 31st the harder it may be to get an appointment – that’s why you should CALL NOW. Your primary care provider needs to complete the Biometric Form and order your blood work. If you do not have a primary care doctor, call one of these providers – 1-877-NHS-4DOCS or click Providers Accepting Patients to see who is accepting new patients, BUT YOU NEED TO CALL NOW. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE DEADLINE. Appointments will be limited. If you have called your provider and are having trouble getting an appointment, call Lady Johnson at x2411.


Nanticoke Outpatient Lab Locations:


  • Nanticoke EZ Labs are located at each of our Health Pavilions listed below. These locations are open Monday through Friday – 6:30 am to 3:30 pm. (Click here for directions.)
    • Seaford – 100 Rawlins Drive – Across from the Post Office
    • Laurel – 33459 Sussex Highway – Inside our Immediate Care Office
    • Georgetown – 503 W Market Street – Just East of Route 113
  • The Outpatient Lab at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital is open:
    • Monday through Friday – 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
    • Saturday – 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

All health information remains confidential.

Only you and the Employee Care Coordinator are able to access this information.

If you need additional help, call Lady Johnson, Benefits Specialist, at extension 2411
or by email at