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How Endocrinology Keeps Your Body Working

Endocrinology isn’t something that people hear about very often, and yet it’s an essential part of your anatomy and a critical part of how your body functions. Endocrinology is the area of medicine that deals with the hormones and glands in your body, and how they function to keep your body working properly and keep everything working together. The body is a work of art and a finely-tuned mechanism that requires everything to work well together. 

Why Endocrinology Matters


There are eight glands that make up the endocrine system, and they all secrete hormones that are essential to your body. The hormones in your body are part of a delicate balance that keeps your blood flowing, your organs pumping, your brain working, and everything firing the right way on all levels. Endocrinologists are very important medical professionals who study for many years to understand this delicate balance and know how essential and important your hormones are to your overall good health and your body’s balance.


Endocrinology is essential to everything else in your body. Even if you’re going to see a cardiologist or a gynecologist, an endocrinologist may be asked to assess you to see how your overall system is working and how well your hormones and glands are functioning to keep you healthy. Diabetic patients and those seeking women’s health services may be required to consult an endocrinologist in order to receive a complete and thorough health workup and a clear picture of how well their body is working.

When Endocrinology Matters Most


If you go to a cancer treatment center or consult with a physician to find out if you have cancer, endocrinology is going to become extremely important and talked about very often. Hormones and glands are often affected by cancer, so you will likely have your entire endocrine system checked regularly if you are a cancer patient or if you are at risk of developing cancer.


Often, an endocrinology workup will involve nothing more extensive than a blood test. A complete blood test can paint a very detailed pictures about what’s going on in your body and what your hormone levels are, so endocrinologists study this information very carefully in order to determine your overall state of health. If cancer gets to your glands, aggressive treatment may be necessary. that’s why endocrinology is so important. The entire way your body functions hinges upon this system working well.


Don’t overlook endocrinology when it comes to your health. if a physician recommends that you see an endocrinologist, do so as soon as possible. This is en essential system in the body, and it often shows how healthy you are overall. 

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