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Nanticoke Memorial Hospital and the Nanticoke Physician Network spent time this past week honoring Thomas E. Brown, Senior Vice President of Nanticoke and President of the Nanticoke Physician Network.  Mr. Brown is retiring from the organization after 19 years of service.  Many people in the Western Sussex Community, as well as leaders across the state of Delaware, know Tom as a great leader, mentor and visionary.   His commitment to the community and to those with whom he serves is well-known and greatly respected.


Tom began his career at Nanticoke in May of 2001, coming to the community from a large healthcare system in Baltimore.  He began his service as the Vice President of the Foundation from 2001 to 2008, charged with building Nanticoke’s brand and local support through a deep and sincere connection to community.   His many talents and vast knowledge were soon discovered and his role quickly expanded.  Tom became Senior Vice President for Nanticoke Health Services from 2008 to 2020 and subsequently served as the President of the Nanticoke Physician Network for several years through his retirement.


For each individual in our community or working within the walls at Nanticoke, we have the opportunity to positively influence those around us.  Few people provide the level of leadership and team empowerment provided by Tom.  His leadership is held as an example of quality and commitment by those who have followed him.  He is recognized by many as a visionary, leader and mentor.   He was instrumental in the financial recovery of Nanticoke Memorial Hospital in 2007-2009, working alongside the team that helped to save our community hospital.  He has played a significant leadership role ever since.


One of his crowning achievements at Nanticoke, Tom led the Nanticoke Physician Network in significant growth, expanding the number of providers from five to more than sixty.  It was his vision from the beginning to ensure access to quality care for the residents of Western Sussex County.  The Nanticoke Physician Network today is a true model of an integrated provider network laser-focused on quality, access and affordable care for patients.


As a part of his work within the network, Tom led the expansion of provider facilities to include practice locations in Seaford, Bridgeville, Laurel, Georgetown, Delmar and Federalsburg.  In his role as the senior leader for Facilities Management, Tom’s team worked to build and open a two-story medical office building at the locally known Mears Health Campus, today known as the Nanticoke Health Pavilion Seaford.   He also mentored the group as they expanded the network to include several walk-in or immediate care locations around Sussex County.  Throughout this journey, Tom, also serving as the senior leader for Marketing and Outreach, was a true brand champion ever lifting Nanticoke to greater heights.


Tom has served in a leadership capacity on numerous state and regional health improvement projects including work with the Delaware Center for Health Innovation.  Projects revolved around Triple Aim – improving community health, decreasing costs, and increasing access to healthcare providers.


If you know Tom, one thing you are sure of is his commitment to others.  He has a strong but gentle manner that is empowering to his team.  He is sincere in his desire to help people grow.  This transcends outside of the walls of Nanticoke as well.  Tom has spent countless hours in service to his community including service with the Nanticoke Rotary Club, the Seaford Chamber of Commerce and Delaware Hospice, serving in leadership roles in each of these organizations.


Tom is the recipient of many notable awards and honors including the American Hospital Association Grassroots Champion Award.  He has also had a lifetime commitment to community youth, providing mentorship and support where needed, and was the recipient of the National Boys Scout 2015 Sussex Distinguished Citizen Award.


While Tom’s commitment to Nanticoke is indisputable, his commitment to others is unparalled.  He is a humble and compassionate person.  Mr. Brown is noted by his colleagues as someone who cares deeply for others, who is kind, respectful and uplifting.  Mr. Brown is a man of integrity and a true professional.


Tom is retiring, now living closer to the beach he lives with the woman he loves, his wife Joanna.  Tom has one living daughter, Annie, who resides in Annapolis, MD with her husband Colin.   Through his service to others, Tom continually brings honor to his first wife Pageen and daughter Samantha.


As he enters into retirement, the Board of Directors of Nanticoke Memorial Hospital along with the Senior Leadership Team and all those having worked along-side Tom thank him for his outstanding leadership, his dedication to the team, his commitment to service, and his vision for the future.  He will be greatly missed.

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