Billing Help (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I view my account information and manage my account online?

In order to view your account information and make payments online, you must enroll by entering your account number, birthdate, email address, and a password on the enrollment page. This information will ensure that only you can securely access your account information. Once enrolled, you will receive an e-mail notification whenever there is a change to your account. Click here to enroll now.

What is a Guarantor Number?

he Guarantor is the person responsible for payment of the account. Each Guarantor is given a Guarantor Number, which is printed on your paper statement. This number provides the access to your account information and is required to enroll for your online account. Once you are enrolled, you will only need to enter your social security number to access your account.

Can I still receive my paper statements if I enroll for online account management?

Yes. During the enrollment process, you will be asked if you would like to receive your statements online only, or continue receiving your statements through the mail. At any time, you may go to your patient profile in the 'My Account' section to change your preference.

Why is my e-mail address needed?

We collect your e-mail address so we can notify you when there is activity in your account, such as insurance payments received, balance now due from you, or if one of your accounts has become past due.

Besides viewing my account and paying my bill online, what other resources are available from the site?

In addition to managing and paying your account online, the hospital has included many helpful resources online to help you understand and manage the healthcare billing process. With the online account manager you can:

Do I need to enroll in order to use these other resources?

No, you only need to enroll if you would like access to 'My Account' information, including making payments, tracking insurance, receiving e-mail notifications when there is a change to your account, etc. The other resources are available to you 24 hours a day, regardless of your enrollment.

Do I need to establish an electronic payment method to be eligible for the online account manager?

No. When it comes time to pay your bill, you will have the option to either establish an electronic payment method or print a payment stub on your home printer to mail your payment.

What specific types of electronic payment methods can I use?

You can make your payment electronically by using a credit or debit card, or an e-check.

Can I print a payment stub and send it in with my payment instead of paying electronically?

Yes. You have the option of printing a payment stub with all of your open accounts and sending that in with your check to: Nanticoke Business Office 801 Middleford Road Seaford, DE 19973 Just click the 'Print Payment Stub' option on the 'Make Payment' page.