Programs & Initiatives

Every three years, Nanticoke provides a Community Health Needs Assessment in accordance with IRS requirements under Section 501(r). Nanticoke uses the information found in this survey to develop strategies for community outreach programs.

Community outreach programs include those that provide health education and health screenings to our community. They also include the many activities in which Nanticoke is a partner in closing gaps in care and improving the overall health of our community, whether through improved outcomes or through prevention or disease management.

Our Team includes community leaders and volunteers, partner organizations, and Nanticoke employees. On average each year, Nanticoke provides about $1.5 million in Community Outreach Programs and an additional $16 million in charity and bad debt care to the community.

2016-2019 Community Outreach initiatives based on CHNA include: 

Working with Healthier Sussex County, the Sussex County Health Coalition and the State of Delaware Healthy Neighborhoods on:

  • Mental health & substance abuse
  • Obesity & chronic conditions
  • Cancer education for lung cancer screenings
  • Cancer education for HPV vaccination as a preventative
  • PAP screening compliance
  • Education for importance of prenatal care

The projects listed above are those where a focus was determined using the most recent Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). Nanticoke participates in many other outreach projects across the county and throughout the state. Nanticoke team members also host many support groups and educational classes and can be found at many community events, providing health education and screenings.

For more information about Outreach Initiatives at Nanticoke, call 302-536-5386.