Dial 911 Campaign

Increase your chance of survival – call 911.

Minutes matter when you think that you could be having a heart attack or a stroke.


Calling 911 at the first signs of a possible heart attack or stroke could save your life. It is the fastest way to get lifesaving treatment because it starts immediately.

When you call 911, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) staff begins treatment. Beginning with the 911 dispatcher, the team works to identify and treat a heart attack or stroke.

EMS teams are trained to revive those whose hearts have stopped. The EMS team communicates directly with the on-call hospital staff so they can start treatment before the ambulance reaches the hospital. Patients receive a rapid assessment of their potential life threatening condition.

Trust 911 and make the call at the first sign of a heart attack or stroke.
Don’t hesitate or second guess yourself – just make the call.


Personal Story: Lori Lee

DelmarvaLife Broadcast: Dial 911 AHA Campaign

Lori Lee, board member of the American Heart Association (AHA), discusses the importance of the local Dial 911 campaign. The goal of this campaign is to create awareness for heart attacks and stroke to save lives throughout the country.

The Impact of the Dial 911 Campaign