Radiation Oncology

Also called radiotherapy or radiation therapy, radiation oncology uses high energy rays of radiation to stop cancer cells from dividing or growing. Radiation can be used on various types of cancer and the intensity or dose of radiation varies by patient.

Radiation oncologists are doctors that use radiation in the treatment of cancer. Radiation oncologists work with a patient’s cancer care team, including medical oncologists, to recommend treatment and develop a patient’s individual care plan. Nanticoke is staffed with board-certified radiation oncologists, providing care for all types of cancers.


SNanticoke Health Servicesome of the most advanced technology in radiation therapy, including IMRT, is available at Nanticoke. Side effects of radiation vary based on the dose of radiation and the part of the body being treated. Using the latest technology means Nanticoke is able to help reduce unwanted side effects of radiation by increasing accuracy in targeting tumors.

Radiation oncology staff at Nanticoke includes board-certified radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, dosimetrists, and specially-trained oncology nurses. Patients and their families also have access to a nurse navigator and a care coordinator to help guide them through the healthcare system and assist in finding important support services for both patients and at home care providers.