Patient Safety

Nanticoke Memorial Hospital is committed to patient safety and has many ongoing quality and safety improvement initiatives. Among our current initiatives is the second phase of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

The EMR is an important component of patient safety. Studies show that an EMR can significantly reduce the risk of errors by reducing the risk of miscommunication that arises from handwritten orders and providing a more comprehensive medical record. Other benefits of an EMR include:

  • Rapid response to patient needs
  • Computerized provider order entry
  • Safer medication ordering and administration
  • Delivery of superior quality care with excellent patient outcomes
  • Improved computerized access to information for all healthcare providers

Nanticoke Memorial Hospital recently implemented the second phase of its EMR system. The second phase included the addition of the Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE). CPOE further reduces the risk of error due to miscommunication.

While all hospitals will eventually be required to move to an EMR system, currently only 25 to 30% of hospitals nationwide have implemented an EMR system. Nanticoke is proud to be a leader in the effort.