Board of Directors

Nanticoke Memorial Hospital is led by an all-volunteer Board of Directors who serve the organization without pay. Our Board is comprised of professionals who offer a wealth of expertise including representatives from local business and health organizations.

Nanticoke Memorial Hospital Board of Directors:

David E. Crouse
David E. Crouse

Michele Procino-Wells, Esq.
Michele Procino-Wells, Esq.

Penny Short
President, Nanticoke Memorial Hospital

Janet T. Pedro, MD
President Medical Staff

Joseph H. Kim, DO
President Elect Medical Staff

Sonja Biddle, OD
Sonja P. Biddle, OD


Andy Hartstein
Andrew J. Hartstein

Trina Joyner
Trina D. Joyner

Tammy Paxton
Maria G. Lehman

Fred Mast
Fred A. Mast

Tammy Paxton
Tammy D. Paxton

Sara Ruffcorn

Richard P. Simons, DO
Richard P. Simons, DO

Sean Steward

Tracy Tull-Neilson