Hear from Our Patients

Judy Bone – Bridgeville, DE

In January 2017, I fell and broke my wrist. It was 11:30 pm and Dr. Doran was the on call doctor at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital. I had never broken a bone before, I was scared. I am so glad I got Dr. Doran. He put my fears at ease. I could tell he really cared about me as a person. He had to do surgery on my wrist and I was very pleased with the minimal pain and final outcome. My wrist is fine. However, that’s not the end of the story. In September 2017, I fell in my kitchen and broke my hip. Now I was really scared. I had heard so many horror stories about broken hips. Of course it was an emergency and there was an on-call doctor, but not Dr. Doran. Nothing against the on-call doctor, but I opted to request Dr. Doran do my surgery. He did a fantastic job. People in rehab were constantly telling me they couldn’t believe how well I was doing. I told them God and Dr. Doran got the glory for that. I left the rehab on a Wednesday. I went to church that Sunday. By the third Sunday, my pastor said he actually forgot to request prayer for me. He said he had forgotten I had surgery because I was walking so well. I am 71 years old, so I feel that is remarkable. My husband is having his knees done in November by Dr. Doran. My husband and I both have the utmost confidence in Dr. Doran.

Stephen Etmanski – Salisbury, MD

I was involved in a motorcycle accident July 2017. I arrived at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital by ambulance and was seen by Dr. William Doran. The preliminary examination revealed a broken left ankle and a broken left collarbone. This was confirmed by x-rays. Dr. Doran ordered a boot for my ankle and I was scheduled for surgery the next morning. Dr. Doran installed a metal plate and six screws to support the broken collar bone. I wore the ankle boot for six weeks as directed and got around with the use of a knee scooter. (During a follow up exam,) Dr. Doran examined the ankle and another x-ray revealed the bone had set properly and was progressing admirably. The scooter was extremely helpful and allowed me to return to work with restrictions on a limited basis.

Back to the emergency room… I had facial lacerations and an MRI was ordered (by Dr. Doran). The MRI revealed fractures around both eye sockets and the nose, and a fractured palette. The MRI also revealed a spot on my right lung. Dr. Amit Asija was consulted for the spot on the lung. He was concerned about the spot and scheduled a biopsy. The biopsy revealed a malignant tumor. The findings were sent to Dr. Kurt Wehberg (surgeon) and an appointment was made for me. We discussed options and he recommended removal of the upper lobe of my right lung. This was completed October 2017. A (follow up) appointment with Dr. Wehberg put my mind to rest where he classified the cancer as Stage 1A. (He) confirmed that all the cancer had been removed and that the operation was a complete success. (He) stated the MRI taken July 2017 “without a doubt” made the diagnosis possible. He stated that most people do NOT have symptoms until Stage 3 or 4 where the cancer has usually progressed enough to severely limit the corrective options. It is my firm belief that Dr. Doran’s request for an MRI saved my life. I cannot express how deeply grateful I am for his thorough examination.

Larry Grimm – Millsboro, DE

I am over 70 years old and had been in pain for 30+ years with limited use of my shoulder. Notice I said “HAD BEEN” in pain – well that is NO more thanks to the Nanticoke Physician Network, Nanticoke Orthopedic Surgery and a very fine doctor, William Doran. I no longer have pain and now have good or better use of my shoulder. I tried all the usual treatments: Cortisone shots, physical therapy, heat, cold – you name it, I tried it to no avail. Then I came to Nanticoke and met Dr. Doran. It has been life-changing from that point on. Dr. Doran explained to me what he could do to make it all good. Well, guess what? The doctor was 100% correct! My pain was gone and all it took was a shoulder replacement (I had heard nothing but bad about shoulder replacements prior), an overnight stay at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital where the staff was absolutely wonderful, and then a short time in a sling and some physical therapy and a little TLC. Now I’m back to better than before – I’m over 70 years old and have NO pain. I am so back to normal that I now can enjoy all the things I didn’t enjoy before because of the pain like gardening, fishing, and all the good things. Dr. Doran made a believer out of me, and I know he can do the same for you! Thank you, Dr. Doran and the staff at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital!

Daniel Mallam – Bridgeville, DE

Having been diagnosed with carpal tunnel damage by the VA, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Doran at Nanticoke for confirmation and treatment. Dr. Doran quickly confirmed the VA’s findings and counseled me on treatments and procedures. We agreed that surgery to relieve the carpal nerves would be the best approach. I had been having trouble sleeping and doing day-to-day activities due to numbness in one or both hands. I am an active person who likes to golf, work with my hands and travel. All of these activities were being hampered by my condition. Since having the surgery nine months ago, all of these symptoms have significantly improved. I found Dr. Doran to be very easy to talk to, the follow up appointments went very well, and I am extremely happy with the results of the surgery. Additionally, his staff and the entire Nanticoke team I would rate as exceptional in total support, customer service, and caring for their patients.

Howard Mulvaney, III – Seaford, DE

On April 30, 2017, I was involved in a serious injury which occurred at the City of Seaford boat ramp. While launching my boat, it unexpectedly began sliding down the trailer, causing the bow strap to tear across my pinkie finger, completely tearing away the end of the finger. Since I was an Eliquis patient, the bleeding was immediate and severe. I managed to get the boat out and drove myself to Nanticoke Memorial Hospital. The x-rays confirmed major tissue and bone damage. Dr. Doran was paged and immediately confirmed some portion of the finger had to be removed. I am forever grateful that he asked me what I wanted to be the best result of an unfortunate injury and I replied I wanted to be able to grip a golf club. The end result was the amputation above the end joint and I am able to play golf pain-free. I have excellent use of the finger and no one even notices the finger unless I point it out.

Madge Oliphant – Laurel, DE

I fell and broke my hip and was taken to Seaford Hospital’s ER. Dr. Doran was to operate the next day. HE explained everything to me and my family. I was very impressed by this young, dedicated doctor. He was very professional and skillful.

I was up walking with a walker the next morning. I came home two days later. I had no pain at all. I had 8 weeks of physical therapy at home. After the 8 weeks, I was walking without a walker or a cane. I am 85 years old and back to normal. I would recommend Dr. Doran to everyone.

Raymond Papszycki, Jr. – Bridgeville, DE

We moved to the Delaware area in 2016. What came in the move was the requirement of transitioning all doctors from New Jersey to Delaware. What I didn’t count on was I would need the services of an orthopedic surgeon for an anterior hip replacement surgery. I was given the name of Dr. William Doran at Nanticoke Health Services.

I had hip replacement surgery in July 2017. In scheduling my consultation with Dr. Doran, I was very impressed with the thoroughness of his medical exam, the alternatives provided besides major surgery, and (information about) hip replacement surgery as the last consideration. We decided after physical therapy and a cortisone injection were not successful, an anterior hip replacement was the final choice. After four months, I am fully recovered and back to normal physical activities.

I chose Dr. William Doran (because of) the time spent explaining details of surgery, surgical skill, thoroughness, post-surgery recovery requirements and continued follow up by him and his medical staff. As a patient of Dr. William Doran who had major anterior hip replacement surgery, I would highly recommend Dr. Doran and his staff for orthopedic surgical services.

Charles Wartman – Salisbury, MD

When I first saw Dr. Doran, my knees were bone on bone. We tried several treatments to help the pain because I was quite ready to get them replaced. Dr. Doran was very patient with me and prepared me for what was to come with knee replacement. When all else failed, we set an operation date on 8/2/17. My legs were quite bowed and he stated that they would be much straighter when the knees were replaced. He suggested doing a bilateral as both knees were in very bad condition. The operation went well. Three months after the operation, the knees are working fine. Dr. Doran explained in the beginning that recovery would not be overnight. However, I am very pleased with my progress at this time. Dr. Doran’s mannerism is such that he is well-liked by my family and several friends whom he has worked on. I have no problem recommending him to anyone I know that may need his services. I would rate his services at the 5-star level with no reservations.

Geraldine & Robert Wedemeyer – Bridgeville, DE

We first met Dr. Doran in the ER when my husband fell in July and basically shattered his wrist. Dr. Doran was on-call and, at the time, we had no idea how fortunate we were. My husband had surgery to repair the wrist and was recovering when two weeks later, I landed in the ER with a dislocated and broken shoulder. Though not on-call at the time, he came right in because he knew us. I had surgery and chose Dr. Doran to perform it. My shoulder injury was complicated and Dr. Doran thoroughly explained options and outcomes. He consulted numerous colleagues to draw on their expertise and, though he knew he could perform the surgery, he still offered us the option to go someone with more experienced. I do not regret my decision to stay with Dr. Doran. He is professional, kind, thoughtful, honest, and humble. All of that on top of being an excellent surgeon. Today, we are both healing and grateful he was on call that day in July. He and his wonderful office staff were a godsend at a very difficult time.