X-Ray Imaging & DEXA


Nanticoke Health Services

Nanticoke Diagnostic Imaging offers the latest GE Discovery digital radiography room capable of completing exams in less than five minutes. This room can meet most patient needs in the least amount of time possible. The high quality exams also include digital tomography to help diagnose subtle fractures and a bariatric weight limit of 485 pounds.

The latest technology in DEXA/bone density studies offered at Nanticoke measures patient bone density, performs pediatric bone density exams, measures the density of the Spine, Hip, and Forearm, and assesses Lateral Vertebral Fractures (also known as LVA).

Nanticoke’s staff is committed and able to perform a wide range of exams from assisting physicians in the operating room, minor outpatient surgical procedures needing x-ray guidance to bone density studies and scoliosis exams. Dedicated and experienced staff provide high quality exams and compassionate customer service.

Nanticoke offers Diagnostic Imaging & X-Ray
services Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM.