Financial Assistance Scale


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Nanticoke Memorial Hospital will extend 100% financial assistance to all medical services provided to patients who meet the eligibility requirements. The table below indicates the household income thresholds based on the number of persons living in the household.

Proof of income, insurances, if any, supporting documentation and number of persons in the household is required.

All applications will be processed based on the Financial Assistance Policy. The policy can be obtained here, or a paper copy can be mailed upon request, free of charge, by contacting the Business Office at 302-629-7946.

The household income and household member thresholds below are reflective of 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines for 2020. This scale is updated annually upon release of the new scale. To qualify for financial assistance, a patient’s income must be below the household limit that corresponds with the number of members in their household:

Persons Household Income
Self +1 $43,100
Self +2 $54,300
Self +3 $65,500
Self +4 $76,700
Self +5 $87,900
Self +6 $99,100
Self+7 $110,300

Add $11,200 for each additional family member over eight persons.